Irrigation Efficiency Rewards

Idaho Power’s Irrigation Efficiency Rewards program encourages energy-efficient equipment and design in irrigation systems. It is an opportunity for Idaho Power agricultural irrigation customers to receive a cash incentive and lower their electric bills.

Through this program, you may qualify to receive an incentive from Idaho Power for a portion of the cost to install a new, more efficient system or to make energy-efficient improvements to an existing system. This program helps you pay for energy-efficient upgrades in your irrigation system and encourages and assists you to use electricity efficiently.

There are two ways to participate:

Custom Incentive

The custom incentive pays you an incentive based on an estimated annual reduction in energy usage. For existing systems, the incentive is based on energy savings estimated by Idaho Power of your proposed modifications. For a new system, the incentive is based on installation of a system Idaho Power determines to be more energy efficient than standard. Water source changes to an existing system will be treated as a new system. The incentive you receive is determined by the following criteria based on annual kilowatt-hour (kWh) or kilowatt (kW) savings:

  • Existing System – $0.25 per annual kWh saved or $450 per kW (Incentive will not exceed 75 percent of project cost)
  • New System – $0.25 per annual kWh saved (Incentive will not exceed 10 percent of project cost)

For example, if Idaho Power estimates your new, more efficient pump will save 15,000 kWh of electricity in an irrigation season, you would receive an incentive for $3,750 (15,000 kWh x $0.25 = $3,750) – assuming this amount does not exceed 75 percent of the project cost on an existing system or 10 percent of the cost on a new system.

Idaho Power’s agriculture representatives will conduct a free energy evaluation to help determine what can make your system more energy efficient.

Menu Incentive

The menu incentive option pays you an incentive for the purchase of specific replacement parts and components for your existing irrigation system. The incentive varies by the sprinkler component or part incorporated into your sprinkler system.

For example, if you purchase new flow-control nozzles and all new gaskets for your irrigation system on 40 acres with two lines, each a quarter of a mile long, you would receive an incentive for $160 (64 nozzles x $1.50 = $96 + 64 gaskets x $1.00 = $64 for a total of $160). Some incentives are limited to 50 percent of invoice cost and all are limited to two per acre.

Custom Incentive Application Process

  1. Determine how your irrigation system could be more energy efficient. You may request an evaluation by an Idaho Power agriculture representative in your area.
  2. Contact your Idaho Power agriculture representative, and submit an application prior to project initiation.
  3. Obtain an itemized estimate of the cost to modify or install your irrigation system from a pump dealer or irrigation equipment dealer of your choice.
  4. Complete the Custom Incentive Application and mail it along with supporting documentation to:
    Irrigation Efficiency
    Idaho Power
    P.O. Box 70
    Boise, ID 83707-0070
    or email:

    Supporting Documentation – The following documentation must be sent along with the completed application:

    • Itemized bid from your supplier for the project (indicating make, model and specifications of all equipment) whether for an existing or new irrigation system
    • Irrigation system drawing including 1) location of pumps and water sources, 2) mainline sizes, lengths, types and locations, 3) elevations and 4) acres
    • Pump curve (noting number of stages and impeller diameter)
    • Topographical map of irrigation system area
    • Aerial map of irrigated acres

    Application will not be processed until all documentation is submitted

  5. Idaho Power representatives will review your application and documentation and calculate the estimated kW and kWh savings based on your proposed improvements or new system.
  6. If your application is approved, Idaho Power will inform you of the estimated energy savings and corresponding estimated incentive payment based on the information submitted. An Irrigation Efficiency Rewards Program Agreement will be sent to you to sign and return to Idaho Power.
  7. Order materials, and install the equipment approved in your application. Your pump modifications or installation must be completed within one year from the date you sign the Irrigation Efficiency Rewards Program Agreement. Note: Your application must be reviewed and approved prior to ordering or installing any equipment associated with the Irrigation Efficiency Rewards program.
  8. When the pre-approved materials and equipment have been installed, send copies of your invoices with documentation (as listed above) to Idaho Power. Your incentive will be paid by check after Idaho Power, at its sole discretion, has calculated the energy savings and determined you have complied with the terms of the Irrigation Efficiency Rewards program.

Menu Incentive Application Process

  1. Review the Menu Incentive Terms and Conditions
  2. Review sprinkler parts covered by the Menu Incentive to determine which apply to your system. If needed, an Idaho Power agriculture representative may help you.
  3. Determine how many parts are needed to replace existing and worn sprinkler parts on your system. Purchase and install them on your irrigation system. All components are limited to two per acre.
  4. Complete the Menu Incentive Application and mail it to:
    Irrigation Efficiency
    Idaho Power
    P.O. Box 70
    Boise, ID 83707-0070
    or email:

    Receipts or invoices itemizing the sprinkler parts must accompany each application. Applicants have one year from the date of purchase to qualify components for a Menu Incentive.

  5. Your incentive will be paid by check and sent directly to you after Idaho Power has determined, at its sole discretion, that you have complied with the terms of the Irrigation Efficiency Rewards program.

For assistance with a PDF on this page or to request a PDF in an alternate format, please contact Customer Service at 208-388-2323 or 1-800-488-6151