Oregon Community Solar Program

The Oregon Community Solar Program is a new offering for Idaho Power customers in Oregon. We know clean energy is important to our customers, and it’s important to us, too — Idaho Power has a goal to use 100% clean energy by 2045. The Oregon Community Solar Program gives our Oregon customers an additional choice for using clean energy while expanding access to solar.

How the Oregon Community Solar Program Works

The Oregon Community Solar Program is a subscription-based program giving  Oregon customers an option to buy or lease a portion of locally generated solar energy. The energy may come from solar panels located on buildings, schools, churches or free-standing solar farms on undeveloped sites. In return, customers get an ongoing energy credit on their Idaho Power bill. Subscriptions stay with the customer if they move, and subscribers aren’t responsible for repairs or maintenance on the solar panels.

Improved Access to Clean Solar Energy

The Oregon Community Solar Program provides access to clean solar energy for  Oregon customers. Community Solar gives customers who may not be able to install their own solar panels — including renters and those with unfavorable roof alignments — an opportunity to use solar energy.

For information about Community Solar and to learn how to participate, visit the Oregon Community Solar Program website.

This program was established at the request of the State of Oregon and is available to Oregon residents only.