Protecting the Grid

Wildfires affect us all. Wildfires can damage our communities, cause serious injuries or death, worsen air quality, keep us from enjoying the great outdoors and cause power outages.

How We Are Protecting the Grid

We work hard year-round to protect poles and other equipment from wildfire. Protecting the grid starts with using high-quality equipment. Idaho Power installs components like poles, wires and insulators that meet or exceed industry standards. We maintain equipment with regular visual inspections and replace worn parts as needed. We also trim trees to keep them away from power lines.

When wildfires do occur, our employees stand ready to respond quickly. Proactively, we wrap wooden poles in a fire-resistant mesh and clear brush and other vegetation away from poles that may be in the fire’s path. The mesh is a relatively new method for protecting poles. For years, we have applied sterilant around the bases of wood poles to keep potentially fire-fueling vegetation away. Crews maintain a supply of backup equipment to replace damaged power poles, transformers, conductors and other hardware. Once officials deem an area safe for our crews to enter, they work hard to safely restore power using specialized equipment and training.

As part of our constant work to deliver safe, reliable, affordable energy to your home or business, Idaho Power has developed a wildfire mitigation plan. This plan helps us prepare for and respond to wildfires. It includes:

  • Maps that predict the likelihood of wildfire in certain zones across our service area, as well as the chances that wildfire could disrupt service in those zones
  • Descriptions of Idaho Power’s efforts to protect or “harden” our grid against wildfires and other natural emergencies
  • Descriptions of efforts we’ve taken to protect our power lines from trees and other plants
  • Explanation of our Fire Potential Index (FPI), including how we’ll develop and implement it
  • Ways to help customers prepare for and respond to wildfire and other natural emergencies
  • A description of our public safety power shutoff (PSPS) plan.

What You Can Do to Help

We can all help reduce the risk of fire, and fire-related outages, for our communities.

  • Monitor and obey fire restrictions.
  • Use designated fire rings provided at campgrounds.
  • Fully extinguish your campfire after use.
  • Follow all firework laws and keep a hose nearby when lighting fireworks.
  • Use glow sticks instead of sparklers.
  • Never park or start a vehicle on dry grass.
  • Keep trailer chains from dragging along roads.
  • Check trailer tires for proper air pressure, and ensure the rubber is in good condition.
  • Never throw cigarettes from vehicles.
  • Obtain appropriate fire permits (depending on type and location of fire).
  • Create a defensible space around your home.
  • Have a power outage kit ready.

For assistance with a PDF on this page or to request a PDF in an alternate format, please contact Customer Service at 208-388-2323 or 1-800-488-6151