Energy-saving Kits

image of Idaho Power's energy-saving kit

Get a FREE energy-saving kit filled with efficient products and tips delivered directly to your home.

This program is ending soon. Kits will be available until December 11th— or while supplies last — so order soon!

What’s in the Kit

  • Nine LED bulbs
  • LED night light
  • High-efficiency showerhead*
  • Two faucet aerators (kitchen and bath)*
  • Digital thermometer (to check refrigerator, freezer and water temperatures)
  • Shower timer
  • Water flow-rate test bag (to measure water flow)

*Sent only to customers with electric water heaters.

Customer Eligibility

Idaho Power customers in Idaho and Oregon with active, residential accounts are eligible to get one energy-saving kit per home for the life of the program. Kits must be mailed to addresses within Idaho Power’s service area.

Additional Information

Note: Program continuation, eligibility requirements and terms and conditions apply.