Clean Today. Cleaner Tomorrow.™

Clean Today. Cleaner Tomorrow.


At Idaho Power, our commitment to serving customers and communities with reliable, affordable energy has been the hallmark of our 100-year history. As we continue the next century of service, we look to build on that foundation with a new and exciting mission:

100% clean energy by 2045

Not only is this goal meaningful to us, it’s important to many of our customers, the communities we serve and the places we call home. Learn how we’re moving forward — today, tomorrow and together.



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Nearly 50 percent of Idaho Power’s energy comes from clean hydroelectricity. The national average is just 7 percent. Our energy mix also includes wind, solar and geothermal sources.

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A decade ago, we set an ambitious goal to reduce our carbon emissions. We beat that goal: Our carbon emissions intensity is 46 percent less than it was in 2005.

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We recently reached a deal to buy 120 megawatts of solar power. This agreement is pending approval from the Idaho Public Utilities Commission.

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We have agreements to end our participation in two coal plants, and we’re exploring exiting a third — and final — plant.

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The proposed Boardman-to-Hemingway transmission line (B2H) should make it possible to import more clean energy from the Pacific Northwest.

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We carefully plan for the future and keep an eye on technology. With help from the public, we update our 20-year Integrated Resource Plan every two years.

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Join us on this journey. Learn how you can make a personal impact by making energy-efficient choices and reviewing the programs we offer.

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Help us as we care for our rivers, protect our fish and birds and preserve the history of the places we call home.

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See how clean energy helps attract businesses and grow our economy. We offer many incentives to help businesses save energy.

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How will we achieve this goal?

We’re investing our time and our money today to ensure a realistic path forward for tomorrow. Idaho Power’s strong hydroelectric backbone — along with investments in transmission, solar, wind and other clean sources — means we’re well on our way. Achieving our goal will require new technological advances as well as a continued focus on energy efficiency and demand-response programs. While natural gas may be required for the near future, we’ll be looking for ways to reduce or offset this need. Keeping our system reliable and affordable will always remain top of mind.