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New Scam Targeting Customers

A new scam targeting customers involves door-to-door salesmen claiming to be Idaho Power contractors. They are asking to collect personal info and enter homes. Idaho Power does not sell anything door to door or ask to enter your home.

CPR Training Kits Help Students

Idaho Power is thrilled to be donating 14 CPR training kits to local schools across Idaho. Every second counts when using CPR to save a life, so the more who are trained, the better!

How Do Our Prices Compare?

Idaho Power is proud to offer some of the most affordable energy in the nation. Our residential prices are 20% lower than the national average, while business prices are about 30% lower than average.

Bee Storages of Idaho

See how an innovative company in Filer, Idaho, is using affordable, clean energy from Idaho Power to help protect bees — and commercial beekeepers — from sustaining heavy winter losses.