Budget Pay

Please note, Budget Pay is only available to home (residential) and small business customers.

About Budget Pay

With Budget Pay, your monthly payments are the same each month, making your budget easier to manage.

The amount of your monthly payment is based on the average of your most recent 12 monthly bills. The amount typically stays the same for the 12 months after you have enrolled. We then re-evaluate the amount you pay each month based on those 12 months of energy use.

To sign up for Budget Pay, you must be current in your payments and have been receiving service at the same location for at least nine months.

Sign up now! Log in or register to use My Account, or you can call us to sign up at 208-388-2323 or 1-800-488-6151.

Canceling Budget Pay or Moving

You can cancel Budget Pay at any time. When Budget Pay is canceled, you must pay the full account balance or set up a payment arrangement. The amount you need to pay will be in the “Please Pay” box on the next bill you receive after the plan is canceled. If you have a credit account balance, the credit can be applied to future bills or refunded.

If you move and transfer your service, Budget Pay will be discontinued and the full account balance becomes due on the next bill. Any credit balance can be applied to future bills or refunded.

Energy Assistance and Budget Pay

If receiving an energy assistance payment, it will apply toward your Budget Pay amount until completely used. After the energy assistance payment is used, you will continue to make payments on your Budget Pay amount. Monitor your statements and pay the amount marked “Please Pay” on your bill.