Hailey-Ketchum Transmission Line

Project Need

The north valley is currently served by a single 138,000-volt transmission line. An outage on this line results in power loss to all of the Ketchum and Sun Valley area, and north to Galena.

A second 138-kV transmission line or redundant power line between Hailey and Ketchum is critical for reliable electric service.

Learn more about the current project status.

Wood River Electrical Plan

The Wood River Electrical Plan was developed through a collaborative process with Idaho Power and the Wood River CAC in 2007 and further refined in 2008. As a result of that planning effort, and with the support of the CAC, Idaho Power has pursued activities to implement the Wood River Electrical Plan.

As a result of that planning effort, Idaho Power and the CAC in 2010 initiated the first project recommended by the CAC – to construct an additional 138-kV transmission line between Hailey and Ketchum.

The CAC, on behalf of valley customers, recognized the need for a second transmission line from Hailey to the Ketchum/Sun Valley area.

In October 2014, before continuing the permitting process for the redundant line, Idaho Power updated and reconvened the CAC for a short time to evaluate any new viable alternatives to the proposed redundant line. The permitting process has resumed.

For background and status on the Wood River Electrical Plan and the North Valley Project, see the “Current Project Status” link above.

Improved Reliability, Increased Capacity

This redundant power line will serve as a second source to the north valley to help minimize the risk of a catastrophic outage to the citizens and businesses of the Ketchum and Sun Valley areas.

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