Economic Development

Economic Development

Powering Idaho’s Economy

Since 1916, Idaho Power has been a trusted ally to business and residential customers. If you are looking to relocate or expand your business in Idaho or eastern Oregon, our team is ready to help. We offer affordable prices, clean energy, energy efficiency incentives and personal service. We can also help facilitate connections throughout the region to make you feel right at home.

Clean Today. Cleaner Tomorrow®.

We recently launched a goal to provide 100% clean energy by 2045. In addition to our hydropower facilities, which typically meet almost half our customers’ energy demands, we plan to invest in wind, solar and other clean sources.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers matter to us. No matter what your energy needs are, Idaho Power strives to create a positive customer experience — and our efforts have been recognized with some of the highest customer satisfaction scores in our industry.

Watch our “Powering Business” video series to see the many ways we power everyday business for our customers.

map of western US with San Francisco, Portland, Spokane, Reno and Salt Lake City denoted

Price Comparison

Small Industrial Billings for Selected American Cities
Monthly Cost for 1 MW and 400,000 kWh

City Cost per kWH Average Monthly Bill
Boise $0.07 $26,775
Portland $0.08 $30,686
Salt Lake City $0.09 $36,541
Spokane $0.09 $36,689
Reno $0.12 $48,219
San Francisco $0.22 $89,506
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Low Cost

We power businesses for nearly 30% less than the national average.

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About half of our energy comes from reliable, clean hydropower.

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We maintain high system reliability and a steady focus on system performance.

Idaho Power’s 2018 Energy Mix

Did you know nearly 50% of Idaho Power’s energy came from clean hydropower? The national average is just 7%, making it easy to see why Idaho Power is proud of its portfolio.

Long-Term Power Purchases are electric power contracts with independent power producers and other entities and can typically be identified by resource type.

Market Purchased Power (Other Purchases) is electric power purchased from other utilities in the wholesale electric market. Because we participate in the wholesale energy market, we sell electricity to other utilities and retail customers. Not all electricity purchased or generated by Idaho Power is delivered to our retail customers.

*About the sale of renewable energy credits on LTPs: Idaho Power sells the Renewable Energy Credits (REC) associated with our renewable energy purchases to offset power supply costs and keep customer prices as low as possible. The buyer of the REC claims the renewable attributes of that energy; therefore, Idaho Power does not represent that this resource mix represents the energy delivered to our customers.

idaho power has 17 dams on the snake river and its tributaries
graphic depicting idaho power 49 percent of our energy portfolio comes from hydro electric power

Incentives for Your Business

Incentives designed to help cover a portion of the costs of designing and building energy efficient features into a commercial or industrial construction project. New construction, major renovations, additions or expansions and change-of-space type are all eligible.

Incentives for customers upgrading equipment in existing facilities. Examples include lighting, HVAC/controls, food service equipment and building shell. If your business is looking to upgrade to more energy-efficient equipment, contact us to see which options are right for you.

Substation allowances are available for large commercial and industrial customers who install new or upgraded transformer capacity in our substation facilities. The allowance is determined by multiplying the customer’s actual increase in load by $69,397 per MW in Idaho or $72,559 per MW in Oregon (not to exceed the actual cost of the Substation Facilities).

Why Choose Idaho Power

Affordable Prices

We power businesses for nearly 30% less than the national average. Additionally, Idaho industrial customers received price decreases over the past two years — on average, more than 5% per year.

A Diverse and Clean Portfolio

We are a proud steward of the environment and committed to clean energy. Clean hydropower accounts for nearly 50% of the energy we provide and we’ve set a goal to provide 100% clean energy by 2045. We also offer additional green-energy solutions for more renewable, carbon-free electricity.

Cash Incentives

We’re here to help by serving as your trusted energy advisor. We provide options so you control how much energy you use, and we offer cash incentives for energy-efficient technologies on new construction, major renovations, additions and expansions. We also offer an incentive for investments in new or expanded substation facilities.

Reliable and Personal Service

We work to modernize and strengthen the grid every day to ensure your operations run smoothly. In fact, we proudly maintain a 99.975% reliability record. We’re large enough to power more than 560,000 customers, but we still offer dedicated energy advisors for prompt and reliable service. We look forward to partnering with you to meet your long-term energy needs.

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