Request for New Resources

Idaho Power has issued a formal notice of intent to seek proposals for new resources that would come on-line in 2023 to help the company meet the growing demand for electricity in summer evening hours.

Idaho Power currently serves more than 590,000 customers in southern Idaho and eastern Oregon, a region that continues to experience some of the fastest growth in the nation. The company anticipates sustained growth in demand for electricity, requiring new resources to serve customers and maintain system reliability.

Additionally, recent changes in the regional transmission markets have constrained the transmission system outside Idaho Power’s service territory and significantly impacted the ability to import energy from western market hubs into Idaho Power’s system. Approximately 80 megawatts (MW) of additional peak-hour energy sources will be needed as early as summer 2023. That need could grow to roughly 400 MW by summer 2025, subject to timing of coal unit exits.

To address the need, Idaho Power will request proposals for all types of additional resources that can meet peak summer demand — generally occurring in the late evening hours. The company intends to accept multiple proposals representing a diversity of resource types and bid structures.

The need for new peak hour energy sources is in addition to the 120 MW solar project near Twin Falls, scheduled to come on-line at the end of next year. The company is also working toward building the Boardman to Hemingway 500-kilovolt transmission line that will enable the import of energy from the Pacific Northwest as soon as 2026.

See the full Notice of Intent below. Potential developers interested in submitting proposals are asked to submit the Intent to Bid form also found below. For additional questions, email

Notice of Intent
Notice of Intent Questions & Answers
Intent to Bid Form

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