Prices for Your Oregon Home

Residential rates for electricity are charged using tiered pricing. Tiered pricing means different rates are charged depending how much energy you use. The less energy a customer uses, the less energy the customer is charged at a higher rate. By staying in a lower tier, customers pay less. Tiered pricing encourages customers conserve energy and use it efficiently.

As an example, the breakdown of the energy charges for a residential customer who uses 1,240 kWh would be:

1,000 kWh x 7.8481 cents (tier 1) $78.48
+ 240 kWh x 9.2661 cents (tier 2) $22.24
= 1240 kWh $100.72

Alternately, if that same customer used only 500 kWh during the same time period, less energy would fall into the higher priced second tier for a total of:

500 kWh x 7.8481 cents (tier 1) $39.24
+ 0 kWh x 9.2661 cents (tier 2) $0
= 500 kWh $39.24

Residential Tiered Rates
Service Charge per month: $8.00. See our Bill Glossary for definitions about the charges and terminology on your bill.

Tier 1 Tier 2
Kilowatt-hours (kWh) 0-1,000 1,000+
Rate (cents per kWh) 7.8481¢ 9.2661¢