Clean Energy Your Way Calculator

The average customer uses 950 kilowatt-hours of electricity each month. If you were to use 100% renewable energy through the Clean Energy Your Way program, it would add an average $9.50 per month to your electric bill.

Want to see a comparable environmental benefit for your green power purchase? The calculator below can show you! Simply input the dollar amount you plan to spend on green power each month OR your average monthly energy usage (in kilowatt hours).


Over the course of a year, this amount of Green Power is equivalent to:

Cars Removed From the Road

Number of cars removed from the road
- vehicles

CO2 Avoided

Amount of carbon dioxide emissions avoided
- tons

Acres of U.S. Forests/One Year

Acres of United States Forest saved
- acres

Source: U.S. EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator and eGrid database release date 1/30/2023.