What is a Public Safety Power Shutoff?

A public safety power shutoff, or PSPS, is when a company like Idaho Power proactively turns off power to a certain area where wildfire risk is high due to extreme weather conditions. The outage is an effort to protect our customers, communities, employees and equipment from wildfire.

A PSPS is a last resort to prevent wildfires. From trimming trees to wrapping poles in fire-resistant mesh to maintaining and inspecting our equipment, wildfire mitigation is part of year-round, everyday operations at Idaho Power.

Where are PSPS events most likely?

Idaho Power has identified geographic zones with higher wildfire risk. Within these zones, we have modified operations to reduce the risk of wildfire during the fire season. These zones receive intensive inspection and vegetation management and are subject to special equipment and operational practices to reduce the risk of wildfire.

Idaho Power has identified the purple zones on the map below where a PSPS event, if necessary, is most likely.


When is a PSPS used?

PSPS events are used only during extreme weather conditions — primarily high winds and dry vegetation — that lead to high fire risk. Many factors go into the decision to call a PSPS. Using forecasts and real-time observations, the following are the primary factors we look at in determining if a PSPS is necessary:


Five icons representing high temperatures, low humidity, high winds, dry vegetation, and public safety

How will customers be notified?

Idaho Power is committed to providing as much advance notice as reasonably possible to help you prepare for a PSPS event. Due to the size of Idaho Power’s service area, geographic and environmental diversity, and the unpredictable nature of the region’s weather, it can be hard to predict the need for a PSPS with much advance warning. However, we’ll keep you informed throughout an event as much as we can using text messages, phone calls and email. You can also look for updates on on our website.

Make sure to update your contact information so we can reach you in an emergency.

Timeline of customer notifications for PSPS events


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