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Idaho Power offers a discounted home energy audit, or home-performance assessment, which is a comprehensive in-home energy evaluation conducted by a certified, third-party home performance specialist (HPS). The total value of the audit is $445, but participants pay only $99 for all-electric homes and $149 for gas, propane or other fuel sourced home. It is the first step toward learning how a home uses energy. These audits are used to find areas of concern and improve the efficiency, comfort and health of a home.

From crawl space to attic, a HPS visually inspects your entire home. This includes appliances and mechanical systems, a health and safety inspection and a blower door test*, which identifies and locates air leaks. You may elect to have some energy saving improvements installed at no additional cost, if appropriate. Available improvements include installation of:

  • Up to 20 energy saving light bulbs
  • One high-efficiency showerhead
  • Pipe wrap from the water heater to house wall – approximately 3 feet

After the audit is complete, you will understand where your home may be losing energy, what simple fixes you can do to improve efficiency and how to implement any improvements that may be needed.

*Blower door testing will not be done in homes believed to contain asbestos or vermiculite insulation.

Note: Program continuation, eligibility requirements and terms and conditions apply.


The audit and improvements are offered at a discounted rate. The total value of the audit is $445, but participants pay only $99 for all-electric homes and $149 for gas, propane or other fuel sourced homes.


Existing site-built homes qualify for this program, including single family, duplexes, tri-plexes and four-plexes.

Manufactured homes, new construction or buildings with more than four units do not qualify for this program. Multifamily homes heated by a shared heating system, or that aren’t separately metered, are ineligible.

Customer Eligibility

To qualify for this program, you must:

  • Be an existing Idaho Power customer.
  • Live in Idaho.
  • Own and occupy the home; renters may participate with prior written landlord permission.
  • Be the Idaho Power account owner for the home receiving the audit.
  • Use a HPS authorized by Idaho Power.

How to Apply

Sign up!

If you experience any issues signing up, call 208-388-2515, or email HomeEnergyAudit@idahopower.com.

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