How We Compare Nationally

Idaho Power is proud of our clean energy mix. See the charts below to compare Idaho Power’s 2020 energy sources with the national average.


Idaho Power Energy Mix


Pie chart of Idaho Power energy mix: Hydroelectric 41.7%, Wind 11.1%, Solar 4.1%, Geothermal, Biomass & Other 2.9%, Coal 20.9%, Natural Gas 11.9%, Market Purchases 7.4%

This energy mix shows the energy we generate from company-owned resources and energy we buy through long-term contracts with wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and small-scale hydro generators. The overall mix does not represent the energy delivered to customers for two reasons. First, we participate in the wholesale energy market and sell energy both to other utilities and to retail customers. Second, some of our purchased power from renewable sources comes with a Renewable Energy Credit, or REC, which we sell to keep customer prices low.



2020 National Energy Mix Average


2020 National energy mix average: Natural Gas 38%, Coal, 23%, Other 1%, Non-hydro Renewables 11%, Nuclear 20%, Hydroelectric 7%