Retail Tariffs in Oregon

Idaho Power seeks to keep information on this website accurate and current. Official filings and testimony are on file with our regulators in Idaho and Oregon.

Additional information can be found at our regulators’ websites:

01 Residential Service
07 Small General Service
09 Large General Service
15 Dusk to Dawn Customer Lighting
19 Large Power Service.
23 Irrigation Peak Rewards Program (Optional)
24 Agricultural Irrigation Service
27 Irrigation Efficiency Rewards Program
40 Unmetered General Service
41 Street Lighting Service
42 Traffic Control Signal Lighting Service
55 Annual Power Cost Update
56 Power cost Adjustment Mechanism
60 Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Service
61 Power Quality Program
62 Green Energy Purchase Program Rider (Optional)
66 Miscellaneous Charges
68 Multi-Family Energy Savings Program
70 Appliance Recycling Program
71 Educational Distributions
72 Heating and Cooling Efficiency Program
73 Home Products Program (Optional) (Suspended)
74 Residential Air Conditioner Cycling Program-Optional
75 Simple Steps Smart Savings Programs
76 Flex Peak Program
77 Energy Star Homes Northwest
78 Residential Energy Conservation Program
79 Weatherization Assistance for Qualified Customers Program
80 Easy Upgrades Program – Discontinued – See Schedule 89
81 Custom Efficiency Program – Discontinued – See Schedule 89
82 Commercial Energy Conservation Services Program
83 Building Efficiency Program – Discontinued – See Schedule 89
84 Customer Energy Production Net Metering
87 Manufactured Housing Energy Efficiency Programs
88 Solar Photovoltaic Pilot Program
89 Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency
91 Energy Efficiency RIder
92 Boardman Operating Life Adjustment
93 Solar Photovoltaic Pilot Program Rider
95 Adjustment for Municipal Exactions
98 Residential and Small Farm Energy Credit

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