Apply to Connect Your System

Ready to install solar panels or modify an existing on-site generation system? Apply below.

If you haven’t already, be sure to read our tips for choosing a solar installer and learn about the rules and pending cases that apply. Note that beginning January 1, 2024, all new Customer Generation applications will be required to use UL 1741-SB certified inverters for inverter-based systems, including AC-coupled batteries with built-in inverters. Read our FAQ titled “What is a smart inverter?” for more information.

  1. Review the eligibility requirements, system size limits and technical requirements. Additionally, the general requirements for electric service apply to all customers, including rules for panel upgrades and meter accessibility.
  2. Submit an Idaho Power customer generation application and $100 fee. Idaho Power will review the project within 7 business days and determine if any upgrades to the electrical grid are needed or if you’re fine to proceed. Upgrades are an additional expense, so we recommend completing this step before proceeding with your purchase.
  3. Install your system once you’ve received approval from Idaho Power and have secured any required building and electrical permits.
  4. After your system has been installed and has passed a state or city electrical inspection, submit the System Verification Form. Once Idaho Power receives this form, we will conduct a site visit within 10 businesses days to make sure your system is ready to go and to install your new meter. Allow 20 business days for systems over 100 kW.

Note that on Dec. 20, 2019, the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (IPUC) publicly issued an order in case IPC-E-18-15, which reminds customers that Idaho Power’s on-site generation tariffs (Schedules 6, 8, and 84), as with all other tariffs, are not contracts and are subject to change at any time upon order of the IPUC. Changes to the on-site generation tariffs in the future may include, but are not limited to, modifications to rates, billing components, billing structure, compensation structure, and the value for excess energy produced by the customer’s on-site generation system (and thus, the amount a customer would be compensated).

The IPUC’s order is consistent with the Idaho Residential Energy System Disclosure Act, which requires a disclosure that reminds customers that legislative or regulatory actions can affect or eliminate one’s ability to sell or get credit for any excess power generated by the system and may affect the price or value of that power.


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