Pick the Right Solar Installer

As our customers’ energy advisor, we want to help you make an informed decision when choosing a solar installer. While we don’t recommend specific installers, we do offer these tips and warnings.

Tips for Choosing the Right Installer

  1. Compare online reviews and check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints. For companies that operate in multiple states, focus on local, relevant and recent customer reviews.
  2. Check qualifications. Remember, the warranties on solar equipment can last 10–20 years, so you’ll want a company with history and staying power. Also, clarify the process for getting service or help if you need it after your installation. Ensure your installer is licensed, bonded and insured. Installers should also provide you with the legally required information from the Idaho Residential Energy System Disclosure Act.
  3. Plan your system together. A professional installer can help you decide the proper system size and equipment. Use our Solar Checklist to help you through the process.
  4. Ask for references. After narrowing down your search, ask the solar companies to provide references of prior customers.
  5. Get multiple quotes. Shop around just like you would with any large purchase to ensure you’re getting the best deal to fit your needs.

Beware of Misinformation

We want to ensure accurate information is provided to our customers and those considering solar installation. Idaho Power customers continue to report receiving misleading information about solar power and Idaho Power’s affiliation with solar companies from individuals selling solar-energy systems or claiming to sell services related to Idaho Power.

Below are some details about how Idaho Power supports solar and what services we do, and do not, provide.

Idaho Power DOES:

  • Support solar and other renewable energy choices.
  • Work with customers to safely connect solar installations to the grid.
  • Conduct an on-site inspection for newly installed systems prior to connection.
  • Employ energy advisors able to answer questions about solar and other topics.
  • Provide third-party resources for an online solar estimator and tools to help customers stay informed.
  • Provide reliable electricity around the clock, including when solar panels are not producing energy.

Idaho Power DOES NOT:

  • Sell solar installations or other energy products door to door.
  • Hire, contract, endorse or partner with any specific solar companies.
  • Visit homes without notifying the customer.
  • Provide customer information to third parties without the customer’s permission.
  • Need additional energy to meet our customer demand. In fact, according to Idaho Power’s current Integrated Resource Plan, we will not need additional generation resources for many years.
  • Have customers “off the grid.” All customers, including those with solar panels, who remain connected to the energy grid will continue to receive a monthly bill from Idaho Power.
  • Guarantee our prices or credit structures. Idaho Power’s on-site generation tariffs are not contracts and are subject to change. Changes could include adjustments to pricing, billing and compensation structures, which could impact the estimated payback for your solar purchase.

Detailed information including FAQs, rules for interconnection and solar payback calculations are available on our Solar Power Options and Customer Generation page.

Idaho Power tracks reports of inaccurate and suspicious customer interactions with solar installers. If you have a firsthand experience that raises concern about misleading or inaccurate information, please contact our energy advisors at t 1-800-632-6605.


Check out our FAQs, or contact a customer solutions advisor at solutions@idahopower.com or 1-800-632-6605.

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