Beware of Scammers Targeting Idaho Power Customers

image of phone and scammer

Scams targeting Idaho Power customers — both homes and businesses — have been on the rise lately. The most recent scam involves a call demanding immediate payment or service will be disconnected. The scammers spoof Idaho Power’s phone number, so […]

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Flows over Shoshone Falls Pick up This Month

May is the month to visit Shoshone Falls. The amount of water cascading over one of Idaho’s most well-known scenic attractions will pick up this week and could exceed 2,500 cubic feet per second (cfs) by Thursday morning. Those aren’t […]

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Be Cautious if Burning Near Power Poles

Take care with fire around power poles.

Anyone who performs prescribed burning of ditch banks or pastures is being asked to take extra care when near power poles and electrical equipment. Idaho Power has seen a recent increase in accidental damage to their power poles caused by […]

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Idaho Power Vehicle Auction is April 24

Idaho Power vehicles going up for auction soon.

Are you in the market for a commercial-grade truck? Or maybe a gently used passenger car? The yearly Idaho Power vehicle auction could be a great way to fill those needs. The company will auction off more than 100 passenger […]

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