How Project Share Works

Project Share provides a one-time voucher of up to $300 in energy aid per qualifying household, per year, to help low-income customers of Idaho Power pay their heating bills, whether they heat with electricity, natural gas, or other heating mechanisms like wood, propane, oil, or coal.

The program supplies financial assistance for seniors and low-income families year-round. Applicants must have received a past due bill reminder or notice to disconnect from their energy provider or have a low supply of fuel on hand.

Once assistance has been approved, The Salvation Army will provide the assistance voucher directly to the energy supplier. Customers must contact the supplier to make payment arrangements on any remaining balances. Any unused assistance (balances) may not be carried over and therefore expire.

Project Share:

  • May pay utility reconnection fees only if disconnection of service was involuntary.
  • May help with home equipment repairs if the home is owned by the applicant.
  • Cannot be used to pay past due bills that have been turned over to a collection agency.
  • Does not pay utility deposits.

Please contact The Salvation Army if you are in need of assistance.