Our Energy Sources

Idaho Power provides electricity to more than 580,000 customers across 24,000 square miles in southern Idaho and eastern Oregon. In 2019, more than 72% of Idaho Power’s supply of electricity came from company-owned generation resources. The chart below shows Idaho Power’s energy sources in 2019, including generation from company-owned plants and purchased power. Find out more by exploring the options below.

LTPs (Long-Term Purchases) are electric power contracts with independent power producers and other entities and can typically be identified by resource type.

Market Purchased Power (Other Purchases) is electric power purchased from other utilities in the wholesale electric market. Because we participate in the wholesale energy market, we sell electricity to other utilities and retail customers. Not all electricity purchased or generated by Idaho Power is delivered to our retail customers.

*About the sale of renewable energy credits: Idaho Power sells the Renewable Energy Credits (REC) associated with our renewable energy purchases on LTPs and a small portion of our hydro generation to offset power supply costs and keep customer prices as low as possible. The buyer of the REC claims the renewable attributes of that energy; therefore, Idaho Power does not represent that this resource mix represents the energy delivered to our customers.

We operate 17 hydroelectric projects on the Snake River and its tributaries. Together, these projects make up our largest generation source.

Idaho Power buys energy from numerous solar producers with a combined capacity of over 300 megawatts, and more is planned.

Idaho Power is moving away from coal. To serve customers reliably, we produce energy from natural gas.

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