What Sustainability Means to Idaho Power

Idaho Power defines sustainability as “sound and enduring financial, environmental and social stewardship.” We think of it as a business plan to sustain operations into our second century.
Since 1916, our company has endeavored to conduct business in a manner that demonstrates balanced and responsible management. That means prudent planning, development and protection of our resources, as well as encouraging responsible energy use and delivery. In today’s world, the products and services we deliver have to be more than just reliable and more than just affordable – they must also represent a responsible use of the environmental resources we share with our communities. Our company demands it, our customers expect it and our stakeholders insist on it.

It is our privilege to share the results of our efforts toward becoming a more sustainable company, as well as the good work that comes from our nearly 2,000 employees. For a closer look at our accomplishments, please review the related links at right and below. Also, learn about our goal to provide 100-percent clean energy by 2045.

2018 Sustainability Focus Areas Report
2018 Sustainability Report
2017 Sustainability Report
Supplemental Sustainability Reporting
Sustainability Initiative Projects
EEI/Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Information

Please email us with questions regarding our sustainability efforts, or to request a hard copy of our annual sustainability report.

Sustainability Platform

Balanced and Responsible Management

Objective: Demonstrate integrity and transparency in the principled and profitable management of our business.

Our stakeholders’ trust is critical to our business success. After 100 years of service, we’re proud of our long history of integrity and transparency, with a business model that’s both principled and profitable.

Operational Excellence

Objective: Incorporate ingenuity, innovation and efficiency in our daily operations, with exceptional results.

Our customers depend on us to power their lives and businesses reliably, and at a fair price. Our philosophy of Operational Excellence is about working together to solve problems, focusing on continuous improvement in our processes and prudently managing resources on behalf of our stakeholders.

Environmental Stewardship

Objective: Reduce our overall environmental footprint and continue our tradition of environmental stewardship.

Our business and our customers depend upon natural resources, to be shared and sustained for future generations. We accept and embrace our responsibility to demonstrate leadership in environmental compliance and conservation of our shared resources.

Engaged, Empowered Workforce

Objective: Provide a high performance culture that respects and empowers employees, encourages engagement, values safety and promotes our company as an employer of choice.

Our employees are our greatest asset and sustain our business success. We provide an environment that fosters creativity and innovation, and encourages employee initiatives that solve real problems.

Strong Community Partnerships

Objective: Practice intentional and responsive community involvement, support and educational outreach.

Our performance is measured not only in economic terms, but in terms of service to our customers and communities. We’re committed to providing essential services to the public and advancing broader societal interests throughout our service area.

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