Irrigation Peak Rewards

Idaho Power is offering the Irrigation Peak Rewards Program. The program runs from June 15 to Aug. 15 each year.


The Peak Rewards program offers a financial incentive to customers for allowing Idaho Power to remotely turn off specific irrigation pumps a minimum of three times during the program season. Read more about it in the Program Summary.

Option Incentive
Fixed Demand Credit ($/Billing kW) $5.00
Fixed Energy Credit ($/billing kWh) $0.0076
Variable Energy Credit ($/billing kWh) $0.148
Extended Hour Variable Energy Credit ($/billing kWh) $0.198

Agricultural irrigation customers are eligible to participate on pump locations where an existing load control device is installed or at service locations that have participated in the past.

How to Participate

A packet, including the sign-up worksheet and contract agreement is mailed to all eligible customers early spring each year. To enroll for that year’s Peak Rewards season, participants submit the sign-up worksheet and contract. Contact your Idaho Power Agriculture Representatives with program questions or concerns.

Read more about it in the programs contract agreement.

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