Save Energy and Keep Your Home Safe This Thanksgiving

Prepping your Thanksgiving meal can be a lot of work, but taking a few minutes to think about your energy use can lead to savings. Here are a few simple tips to keep energy use down — and your home safe — while planning your Thanksgiving feast.

  • Plan side dishes that fit in the oven with your turkey — and resist opening the oven doors until you have to.
  • Prepare mashed potatoes, or other side dishes, in an electric pressure cooker. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use, and keep children away from the pressure valve.
  • Match your pots and pans to the right-size burners so you don’t waste heat.
  • Limit trips to the fridge — keeping the doors closed saves energy. For large groups, consider storing drinks in a cooler for fewer trips to the fridge.
  • Decorate your table with LED flameless candles, instead of traditional candles, to reduce the risk of fire.
  • Don’t overload outlets, and inspect cords before starting up your appliances, especially if you haven’t used them in a while.
  • Ensure any appliances near water (e.g., kitchen sinks) are plugged into ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protected outlets.

And if you’re hosting, remember to turn down the thermostat as warm bodies and warm ovens provide extra heat.

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Alexis Freeman
Marketing Specialist