Safety Reminders for Back-to-School

No matter what your back-to-school season looks like this year, Idaho Power has a few reminders to help keep customers and their children safe.

For children attending school in person, Idaho Power reminds all drivers to watch for children near roadways. Join Idaho Power employees by putting down the phone to just drive, and speak with drivers in your household about why it’s important to always be engaged drivers.

For children attending school from home, take a moment to review these electrical safety reminders:

  • When setting up a desk area for kids, inspect any cords used to plug in electronics. Make sure they are not broken, frayed or damaged, and position cords so they don’t pose a tripping hazard and won’t be walked on.
  • Don’t plug too many cords into a single outlet.
  • Remind your at-home learners that liquids and electronics don’t mix. Keep cereal and drinks a safe distance from electronics.
  • When taking “recess” outside, stay clear of any overhead power lines (e.g., never climb trees or fly kites near overhead lines). Also, don’t play on electrical equipment like the green boxes (transformers) around schools and within neighborhoods. Last, remember to stay hydrated as record temperatures reach triple digits.

Looking for ways to save energy in this heat? Check out Idaho Power’s recent energy-saving tips.

Maria Willacy
Communications Specialist