Hells Canyon Park


Located on Hells Canyon Road, six miles downstream of Copperfield Park.

Hells Canyon Park is spread over 15 acres with manicured lawns and shade trees.

Day use in the park is free. Amenities include the following:

  • 21 RV sites (parallel parking) with water and electric hookups (30-amp)
  • 3 dry RV sites (in the boat ramp parking lot) with electric hookups
  • 3 RV waterfront sites (parallel parking) – no water or electric hookups
  •  7 tent sites
  • Picnic area with tables
  • Fire rings
  • Public pay phone (phone card required for non-local calls)

Did You Know?

The Snake River likely got its name from the first explorers who misinterpreted the hand gesture made by the Shoshone people who identified themselves in sign language by moving the hand in a swimming motion. This sign, which appeared to explorers to be a snake, signified they lived near the river with many fish.

In the 1950’s the name “Hells Canyon” was borrowed from Hells Canyon Creek, which enters the river near what is now Hells Canyon Dam.

Road Status

Call 541-785-7251 to get a recorded status update about the road condition between Oxbow and Hells Canyon Dam. This road is sometimes closed due to maintenance or road conditions.


There is a 14-day stay limit for all parks.

Check-in time is 2 p.m. MDT (local park time).

Check-out time is 1 p.m. MDT (local park time).

Only one camping unit (maximum eight persons) per designated campsite is permitted.

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Reservation Cancellations

  • Reservation fees are nonrefundable.
  • If a reservation is canceled 14 days or more prior to the scheduled arrival date, the camping fee will be refunded minus a $10 cancellation charge.
  • If a reservation is canceled 13 days or less prior to the arrival date, the camping fee will be refunded minus a $10 cancellation charge and the first night’s camping fee.
  • Idaho Power does not issue refunds for acts of nature or reservoir operations, including, but not limited to: changing water levels, weather, smoke due to wildfire, insects, or algae blooms.
  • To receive a refund for early departures, campers must cancel online or with the camp host. Idaho Power will issue a refund for the remaining days left on their reservation minus a $10 cancellation fee. Idaho Power will not issue refunds for campers who leave and do not contact the camp host. Early departures before 1 p.m. Mountain Time are entitled to a refund of that night’s camping fee. Early departures after 1 p.m. Mountain Time will not receive a refund for that night’s camping fee.

More Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

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