Easement Services

At Idaho Power we work hard every day to bring electricity to you, wherever you are, safely and reliably. There are many steps that go into accomplishing this important task but being able to safely install, maintain and repair electrical infrastructure and facilities is critical. One way we do this is with the use of easements.

An easement is a legal right of one party to use the real property of another for a specific purpose. Granting Idaho Power an easement does not grant ownership of the land, it simply allows us to use that land in a very specific manner. It provides us the required working space and permission to safely install, maintain and repair our electrical facilities and helps us maintain safe and reliable electrical power.

The three main types of easements allowing the company legal rights to access our facilities include:

  • Idaho Power utility easements
  • Public utility easements
  • Road right of way easements

Release of Easements

Occasionally, easements are no longer required or must be adjusted due to changing property needs. Examples include:

  • Adding onto your home
  • Building a shop
  • Completing a lot line adjustment
  • Developing a 100-home subdivision

These examples and others may require a utility easement evaluation and a decision as to whether or not release of an easement is possible.

Releasing an Idaho Power easement, relinquishing a public utility easement or vacating a road right of way easement involves an application process. This process requires a fee and may take up to 10 weeks to complete. The application process determines if Idaho Power facilities are present and if the easement is needed for future Idaho Power lines and facilities.

A good rule of thumb is that if electrical facilities are present, Idaho Power will not release the easement until a replacement is identified and a new easement is recorded with the local county.

Learn more about installing or moving existing Idaho Power facilities, by visiting the Construction section of our website, or by calling 208-388-2323, or 1-800-488-6151 outside the Treasure Valley.

Please note: Idaho Power does not offer easement research. To get a copy of your easement, contact your local title office.

Application for Release of Easement
Frequently Asked Questions about Easements

If you have questions, contact our easement specialist at 208-388-2699. You may email questions and completed applications to easements@idahopower.com.

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