Tips & Educational Resources

Check out our tips and resources to help you use energy wisely.

Energy Saving Tips

Get energy saving tips on everything in your home from heating and cooling to appliances, insulation and home electronics.

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Energy Efficiency Education

Check out our seasonal energy efficiency guides and our “30 Simple Things…” publication to find up-to-date information on topics of interest surrounding saving energy and money on your power bill.

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Energy-Saving Kits

Get a FREE Energy-Saving Kit filled with efficient products and tips delivered right to your home.

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Student Energy-Efficiency Kits

This program provides 4th-6th grade students with age-appropriate instruction about the wise use of electricity. Each student gets a take-home kit. Teachers must enroll.

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Kill-A-Watt™ Meters

Borrow an easy-to-use meter from your local library and measure how much electricity your appliances are using.

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Invite Idaho Power To Your Event

Idaho Power offers presentation resources including personnel and materials to support your event, classroom or civic opportunity.

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Energy Efficiency Advisory Group

The Energy Efficiency Advisory Group (EEAG) is a forum allowing customers, regulatory staff and other interested stakeholders to offer advice about developing, implementing and evaluating energy efficiency and demand response programs.

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Energy Efficiency Program Reports

Learn about our Demand-Side Management goals and how we support our customers’ wise use of energy through financial incentives and education efforts encouraging energy efficient behavior changes.

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Note: Program continuation, eligibility requirements and terms and conditions apply.