Terms and Conditions

How to Participate

  1. Check the terms and conditions below to ensure your refrigerator or stand-alone freezer is a qualified unit.
  2. Contact our project partner, Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc. (ARCA), or call 1-800-253-5618 to schedule an appointment for your unit(s) to be picked up. Appointments must be scheduled by Dec. 31, 2017, to qualify.
  3. Be sure your unit(s) is/are empty but plugged in on the day of pickup.
  4. Ensure a clear path of removal exists so ARCA’s contractors can move the unit(s).

Qualified Units

Qualified units are defined as residential grade refrigerators and stand-alone freezers. Units must be a minimum of 10 cubic feet (measured using inside dimensions) and no larger than 30 cubic feet. Commercial grade units do not qualify. Units must be empty of all food at time of pickup. Units should be defrosted at time of pickup, however they must be working and plugged in at time of pickup. A clear path of removal must exist. Units using sulfur dioxide (SO2) or ammonia refrigerants are not eligible. Units must be owned by the Participant. Ineligible units will not be picked up. Limit two units per participant (as defined below) per calendar year.

Qualified Participants

The Fridge and Freezer Recycling program is offered to all Idaho Power residential customers in Idaho and Oregon.

Participation Details

To participate, Participant must schedule an appointment with our project partner, ARCA, and allow access into their home for removal of the unit(s).

To maximize the environmental benefit of the program, ARCA uses a sophisticated scheduling system to optimize collection routes. This minimizes vehicle miles traveled, thereby reducing fuel use and overall vehicle emissions.

When scheduling a pickup, Participants may be offered one or more days to choose from based on the scheduling routes.

ARCA will confirm the appointment one to two days prior to pickup and provide the Participant with a four-hour pickup window at that time. Participants will be called approximately 30 minutes prior to pickup. Please Note: ARCA’s pickup crew will go to Participant’s residence even if the reminder call is not answered.

Pickup Terms

Participant must be present at the time of pickup and will be required to sign an appliance turn-in order (ATO) form at the time of pickup. Participant must allow ARCA personnel easy access to their unit(s). Units that cannot be safely removed may not be accepted. ARCA personnel are required to display identification.

Under some circumstances, if the participant cannot be home, alternative arrangements can be made. Contact ARCA at 1-800-253-5618 for more information and requirements. Note, participants with locking refrigerators and freezers are not eligible for this option and must be home at time of pickup.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Idaho Power neither expressly nor implicitly warrants nor assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the quality, safety, removal or estimated energy and/or cost savings of program participation. Participant agrees to indemnify Idaho Power Company, its parent company, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, successors and assigns of each against all loss, damage, expense, and liability arising from participation in this program.

Information Release

Participant understands and agrees that Idaho Power and/or its representatives may include a description of this project and other project details in its case studies, brochures, press releases, advertisements and other marketing materials presented to the public.

By participating in this program, Participant agrees to release their name, address and account number to Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc., and their subcontractors.