Frequently Asked Questions

This program is open to all existing commercial or industrial Idaho Power customers.

We are committed to offering services and information to our customers to help them use energy wisely. Efficiency programs like this help defer the need to build new power plants and acquire power from more expensive sources to meet growing customer demand. Successful energy efficiency programs can also reduce the company’s generation costs during times when demand is high, which may slow increases in customer rates.

Work with your Idaho Power representative or an equipment supplier or contractor to submit a Retrofits application and accompanying documentation. Find your Idaho Power Energy Advisor or call 208-388-2323, or 1-800-488-6151 from outside the Treasure Valley.

If your project meets any of the following criteria, it should receive pre-approval from Idaho Power prior to equipment purchase and installation.

  • Projects with incentives of $1,500 or more
  • Complete lighting upgrade projects

You have 90 days from receiving pre-approval to complete your project and submit the payment application documentation. For larger or more complex projects extending beyond the 90 days, please notify Idaho Power to obtain an extension.

Idaho Power offers My Account, an online resource with information on energy-saving opportunities. Complete a Business Energy Analysis and let My Account help you manage your use, lower your bills and more. You must sign up for My Account to access these features.

You may also contact your Idaho Power Energy Advisor or call 208-388-2323, or 1-800-488-6151 from outside the Treasure Valley.

Yes. Lighting projects must be installed by a company with an electrical contractor’s license that’s also properly licensed in the state where the work is performed. The person/s doing the actual retrofit work must also be properly licensed in the state where the work is performed. The exception to this requirement is if installing screw-in or pin-based CFLs, LEDs or linear LEDs-Type A. Lighting projects also must adhere to state and local code requirements, such as taking out an electrical permit and receiving an electrical inspection.

Yes. The payment application includes a section that allows you to assign payment to your contractor. Please note: Idaho Power reserves the right to deny third party payment requests or request a joint check. In addition, Idaho Power will not provide any third party payments to waste transporters, disposal facilities or recycling facilities.

The program is designed to accommodate changes in the project’s scope. If your project scope changes more than 10 percent, notification to Idaho Power is needed. Resubmittal of the pre-approval application to reflect the change of scope may also be required. Upon notification of a change in scope, we will review the scope change and you will be notified about the results (e.g., ok to proceed, need to submit new application, etc.).

All projects must meet applicable codes, laws and regulations. Products containing hazardous materials, such as mercury, PCBs and other items, must be recycled or disposed of properly. Contact your contractor, a waste handling professional, or the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality for additional details on proper waste disposal and recycling options. If your project is in Oregon, contact the Oregon Department of Energy.

New construction or a change in the use of an existing building qualify for different incentives than retrofit projects. Some restrictions apply; see the New Construction and Major Renovations program.

We offer Custom Projects incentives for larger or more complex energy-saving projects. Please note that some restrictions apply for this program; contact the Custom Projects Program Specialist to learn more.

We periodically assess our list of eligible energy efficiency measures. If you believe a new measure should be added, let us know and we’ll consider it. Send suggestions to

Maybe. Idaho Power randomly conducts pre- and post-inspections on retrofit projects.

A CLU is when all interior lighting is retrofitted with more efficient technologies, including controls, where applicable. A CLU also qualifies for a bonus incentive of five percent of the regular interior incentive amount. Please note that projects will continue to be capped at 100 percent of eligible costs. The CLU incentive will be capped should its addition to the other incentives exceed 100 percent. Only one CLU per building.