New Construction and Major Renovations

The New Construction program offers cash incentives designed to help cover a portion of the costs of designing and building energy efficient features into a commercial or industrial construction project. New construction, major renovations, additions or expansions and change-of-space type are all eligible.

View the program overview for a detailed list of new construction incentives.

If your project doesn’t fall within our menu of incentives, we may be able to offer an incentive of 18 cents per kilowatt hour saved, up to 70 percent of the eligible project cost for qualifying custom projects.

The New Construction program is open for major construction projects to all commercial and industrial customers. New buildings, expansions and additions, major renovations or projects that involve professional design services and review by code authorities can qualify for this incentive program. A preliminary application is required before the project is completed and the final application must be submitted within 90 days after the project is completed.

Incentives are available for prescriptive measures that are not already required by code. If the measure is required by code, an incentive is not available for that item.

Additional details are available in the Policies and Procedures Manual.

L1/L2 Interior and Exterior Light Load Reduction

LEDs must be on one of the following qualified product lists (QPL), Design Lights Consortium, Lighting Design Lab or ENERGY STAR® (exceptions are granted if an architect or engineer specified the product and completed COMcheck, or if there is not a QPL category for the proposed product).

Additional Non-Lighting Program Information


Steps to Participate

To ensure prompt processing of your incentive payment, complete the following steps.

When Considering a Project

  1. Submit a preliminary application.
    • A preliminary application is required prior to project completion. This process is easy and can be done before you know all the project details. Complete the preliminary application tab on the New Construction Application and email it in excel format to
    • If you have other energy efficiency measures in your new construction project that do not fit in the prescriptive menu, check the Custom Projects box on the preliminary application and describe on the Custom Projects tab. An Idaho Power energy advisor will contact you for further assistance.
  2. Share qualifying specifications with your design team.
    • This is another critical step. If the architects, engineers and contractors know the details of what qualifies for an incentive, the proper equipment can be specified and installed. Find details in the program overview.
  3. If you have an architect or engineer working on the project, consider including them on the application process early on.
    • Their knowledge of the project and assistance can help streamline the process. They may also be eligible for a “Professional Assistance” incentive paid directly to them. Review the program overview for details.
  4. Consider consulting with the Integrated Design Lab (IDL).
    • If you’re NOT considering daylighting with integrated photo controls, this step is optional. However, to receive an incentive for Daylight Photo Controls you need to consult with IDL. Learn more about IDL and the services they offer, or call 208-429-0220.

Upon Project Completion

  1. Complete and sign the final application form within 90 days of project completion.
    • Send application questions to An architect or engineer working on the project may be able to assist you on the final application and required supporting documentation. They may also be eligible for a “Professional Assistance” incentive paid directly to them. Find details in the program overview.
  2. Provide equipment specifications or other energy performance details by email for each item you are applying for an incentive on.
  3. Attach proof of performance (product cut sheets or other documentation) to show that the product(s) installed meet the requirements for an incentive payment.
  4. Attach billing invoices or proof of payment for each item you are applying for an incentive on.
    • Proof of payment can be a purchase order, billing invoice or any other document that shows the quantity of goods purchased and that the amount due has been paid.
  5. Attach COMcheck™ if you are applying for the Interior or Exterior Light Load Reduction incentives.
    • COMcheck is required to show you met the building code’s lighting power density for the space type or area you are applying for. It’s required to show your design exceeds the code by the minimum percent required for the incentive. Get the free COMcheck software.
  6. Attach the daylighting review letter from IDL.
    • If you’re applying for an incentive on Daylight Photo Controls, your design will need to be reviewed by IDL. Once IDL has reviewed the design and installation, IDL will provide a letter that must be submitted with your final application. This review will ensure an effective daylighting design, adequate controls and the basis to determine quantity of sensors and incentive.
  7. Attach a control strategy summary.
    • If you’re applying for an energy management control system, provide a control strategy summary. This summary can be provided by your control contractor, design engineer or anyone else familiar with the controls. The summary should list the HVAC equipment controlled and that it meets the C1 Energy Management Controls Requirements needed to qualify.
  8. Custom measures will be handled by the Idaho Power Custom Projects team.

Note: Program continuation, eligibility requirements and terms and conditions apply.

For assistance with a PDF on this page or to request a PDF in an alternate format, please contact Customer Service at 208-388-2323 or 1-800-488-6151