Scam Alerts

If you’ve ever gotten a call, email, mailing or sales person at your door claiming to represent Idaho Power, here’s some important information to keep in mind:


  • Demand immediate payment
  • Require a payment for a defective meter
  • Ask for same day payment via pre-paid cards such as the Green Dot MoneyPak
  • Ask potential job seekers for personal information over the phone
  • Offer work from home assignments
  • Ask for direct deposit information prior to the first day of work
  • Accept pre-paid cards, like Green Dot.

We DO:

  • Make payment arrangements
  • Offer payment options
  • Send reminders and notices prior to disconnect
  • Make a phone call in an attempt to contact customers prior to disconnect
  • Take payments over the phone using a third party vendor
  • Have convenient pay stations where customers can make payments
  • Have personnel wearing Idaho Power identification come to your home for various reasons

We do conduct outreach and advertising periodically to increase awareness of our energy efficiency programs, and occasionally work with vendors to conduct telephone surveys on our behalf. Unfortunately, some individuals and companies are using Idaho Power’s name inappropriately and without our permission, potentially for fraudulent purposes.

If you ever question the authenticity of a communication or anyone representing Idaho Power, do not divulge personal information or offer to provide payment. Call us at 208-388-2323, or 1-800-488-6151 outside the Treasure Valley area, or contact us via email.

The Better Business Bureau recommends consumers receiving fraudulent calls use the scam tracker on its website to report scams, warn others and find more information about other scams.

If You’re A Victim Of A Scam

File a police report and call the Attorney General’s office at 208-334-2424, or toll-free at 1-800-432-3545.