Idaho Rates Summary

Idaho Power made several regulatory filings in Idaho over the last few months. Most of those proposals have now been approved by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission and took effect June 1, 2017.

Idaho Price Changes
Description of Filing Classes Affected Revenue Change Overall Percentage Change Effective Date Bill Impact**
Valmy Accelerated Depreciable Life All $13.3 Million 1.17% June 1 $1.16
Depreciation Study All $0.0 Million 0.0% June 1 $0.00
Fixed Cost Adjustment (FCA)* Residential and Small General Service $7.0 Million 1.29%* June 1 $1.31
Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) All $10.6 Million 0.93% June 1 $0.59

*Overall Percentage Change is for Residential and Small General Service customers only.

**Average Monthly Residential Bill Impact (Idaho residential customer using 1,000 kWh a month).

Please use links below for specific information by rate class.

Idaho Power works hard to provide reliable, fair-priced electric service to our customers. We understand any price increase has an impact on our customers, and are sensitive to the fact that price changes have real implications on customer bills and budgets. Although prices sometimes change, at the end of the day we all still pay a low price for our electricity relative to the value it provides.

Learn why Idaho Power needs to change rates, and what you can do to manage your bill and control costs.