Maintaining Reliable Service

From providing energy for customers’ homes and businesses to responding when severe weather hits, maintaining reliable service is an integral part of what we do every day. In fact, we keep the lights on 99.96% of the time! That’s why we’re constantly doing what we can to ensure the light comes on when you flip that switch.

View a map of our latest major projects like new transmission lines and substations.

We Follow Reliability Standards

To help prevent power problems and outages, we follow standards set by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and Western Electricity Coordinating Council.

We Perform Scheduled Maintenance

Occasionally, we conduct maintenance on our system to help ensure safety and reliability. To protect our crews during maintenance work, we turn off power as a safety precaution.

If we need to turn off power in your area for scheduled maintenance work, we’ll let you know in advance (typically at least two days’ notice) and update you if anything changes. A scheduled maintenance outage may not begin or end at the precise times indicated in your notice. Power may also be turned on and off more than once during the outage period.

If you plan to use a generator during an outage, ensure it meets National Electrical Code Articles 701 and 702 and does not interconnect with Idaho Power’s electrical system. If you have questions, contact us beforehand at 208-388-2323 or 1-800-488-6151. In addition, check out this Using Portable Generators Safely brochure.

We Manage Vegetation

Idaho Power prunes tree branches and limbs that grow too close to our power lines. Trees and limbs that contact our lines can cause power outages and dangerous situations for homes, motorists, pedestrians, children climbing trees and our linemen. Learn more about what we do to clear lines.

Wildfires can damage our communities, impact air quality, keep us from enjoying the great outdoors and cause power outages. To proactively prevent power loss from downed poles or wires from fires, our crews clear brush within a 20-foot radius of power poles in the Idaho desert. This creates a defensible space around power poles, reducing the number of poles that are lost during wildfires. That means better reliability for customers. Watch this video to learn more.

We Replace Underground Cable

We have a project to replace power lines buried underground over 40 years ago with more modern, reliable lines. When this project is finished, we’ll have upgraded 7,000,000 feet of power lines! Learn more about our Underground Cable Replacement Project.

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