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Wildlife Habitat

Many types of wildlife are drawn to the Snake River and the reservoirs Idaho Power manages along the river.


These habitats give year-long and seasonal homes to animals, such as:

  • Bald and golden eagles
  • Hawks and falcons
  • Deer, elk, bighorn sheep and black bears
  • Ducks, geese and other waterfowl
  • Upland birds such as chukar, grouse and quail

and less common animals like:

  • Ground squirrels
  • Big-eared bats
  • Spotted frogs

Idaho Power Habitat Lands

We manage over 30,000 acres of wildlife habitat. These lands are in the Hells Canyon, C.J. Strike and Hagerman areas.

On these lands, our biologists provide wildlife food plots, plant trees and shrubs, reduce shoreline erosion and control weeds. This improves habitat and diversity of wildlife. It also creates striking views.

Bald Eagle

We want people to enjoy our habitat lands. This can mean limiting access (type or timing) to protect wildlife.

Learn more about our wildlife habitat areas below.

Hells Canyon Area
C.J. Strike Area
Hagerman Area

Youth Hunter Information


A Sea Of Sage Brush

A Sea Of Sage Brush

Follow Idaho Power biologists as they plant native sagebrush, which serves as food and habitat for wildlife, and helps keep weeds in check.


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