Video: Don’t Move a Mussel! Protecting the Snake from Invasive Species

Non-native quagga and zebra mussels pose a threat to the Snake River. A new video shows how Idaho Power and state agencies work to keep these tiny invaders out of the river and to develop a plan in case they show up here.

Although they are only about the size of your thumbnail, these hard-shelled aquatic critters can reproduce rapidly, damaging equipment, such as irrigation pumps, boat docks and hydroelectric dam facilities.

They cost millions to control in the Great Lakes and other areas, and they can move from one water body to the next by hitching a ride on boats. Idaho Power recently hosted an emergency drill to coordinate a quick response in the event they are ever discovered in a place like Hells Canyon.

Idaho Power produced this short video about the threat and the response plan. Learn more at

Brad Bowlin
Communications Specialist