Truck Donation Benefits Community of Grand View

On May 23, Idaho Power Community Relations Representative Blake Watson handed over the keys to a retired company vehicle to Charles Ensz, fire chief for the Grand View Rural Fire Protection District. Once or twice a year, Idaho Power donates retired company vehicles to emergency response organizations in rural communities that rely on volunteers to cover a lot of ground.

Grand View relies on 13 volunteers to respond to fires, medical assists, search and rescue requests, and other emergencies. Most of these volunteers turned out to thank Idaho Power when Watson delivered the truck.

“The volunteers were so appreciative Idaho Power donated a truck to support their community,” said Watson. “They’ve been using their personal vehicles, and that’s a lot of wear and tear. Now, they’ll have a vehicle equipped with what they need and is ready for instant response.”

The 2008 GMC 2500 4 x 4 will be put to good use. Grand View’s volunteer firefighters respond to an average of 60 calls per year.

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Krista West
Brand Manager