There’s Still Some Summer Left! Play It Safe in the Water

Each year, tens of thousands of people visit waterways and parks near Idaho Power dams. Idaho Power wants visitors to stay safe when in the water and around dams.

Idaho Power advises visitors not to wade, swim, fish or anchor your boat directly upstream from a dam or spillway. Power plant operations can cause unexpected and rapid changes in the water level. Visitors should also keep off the banks next to the spillway.

To encourage visitors to wear Coast Guard-approved personal flotation devices or life jackets when boating or using fishing waders, Idaho Power has several life-jacket loan stations near some of its day-use recreation areas and campgrounds.

Before you get in the water, check the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality’s Recreational Water Quality Health Advisories web page for a list of locations currently experiencing hazardous algae blooms or other health risks.

Interested in staying at an Idaho Power campground? You can reserve a site online, as well as find more tips to stay safe in the water.

Maria Willacy
Communications Specialist