Stay Safe and Prevent Power Outages this Fourth of July

Idaho Power is asking customers to stay safe and help prevent power outages this Fourth of July that could be caused by wildfires sparked by fireworks. Keep a bucket of water nearby when lighting fireworks, and avoid using fireworks near dry vegetation and flammable materials. Consider using safer options like glowsticks instead of sparklers. 

Also keep a safe distance from overhead power lines and electrical equipment — like the green transformer boxes in neighborhoods — when setting up fireworks. 

If you are camping for the holiday, you can also help reduce the risk of wildfires by: 

  • Monitoring and obeying fire restrictions. 
  • Using designated fire rings at campgrounds. 
  • Fully extinguishing campfires after use. 
  • Never parking or starting vehicles on dry grass.

Note: Fireworks are not allowed at Idaho Power parks or campgrounds.

For a fun activity to help teach kids about firework safety, download our free coloring sheet.

Maria Willacy
Communications Specialist


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