Spring Farm Work Prompts Important Safety Reminder

Idaho Power wants to remind our agricultural customers – and everyone – to stay safe this spring by keeping these tips in mind:

  • When moving irrigation pipes, ladders or other equipment, always look up for power lines and use a spotter.
  • Carry pipes horizontally, not vertically.
  • Keep yourself and any equipment at least 10 feet away from power lines — this includes water from sprinklers or hoses.
  • Don’t store materials under or near power lines.
  • Assume all power lines are energized and dangerous.
  • Call Dig Line at 811 at least two days before digging. The service is free, and Idaho law requires you to call before you dig. Be prepared to give the location, scheduled date, type of work and information about the company or contractor doing the work (if it’s not you).

Keeping these tips top of mind can help avoid potential power outages, costly repairs and serious injuries.

You can learn more about overhead line safety on Idaho Power’s website, or watch a helpful video on their YouTube channel.

Erica Shiflet
Communications Leader