Short Video Explains Hells Canyon Relicensing

The biggest source of electricity for Idaho Power customers is hydroelectric energy from the company’s dams. And most of that hydroelectric power comes from three dams on the Idaho–Oregon border that make up the Hells Canyon Complex.

The new video, Relicensing the Hells Canyon Complex, explains some of the costs associated with Idaho Power’s effort to get a new long-term federal license for the Hells Canyon Complex, where the money goes and how these dams will remain the company’s lowest-cost source of energy.

The Hells Canyon Complex was completed more than 50 years ago, and the federal license to operate Brownlee, Oxbow and Hells Canyon dams expired in 2005. Idaho Power has operated the dams on a series of annual licenses since then and is actively working toward a new long-term license.

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission recently began taking comments on the company’s filing for approval of some of the costs associated with relicensing. The video explains some of those costs and the benefits of relicensing this vital energy resource. For this and more videos about Idaho Power, visit our YouTube channel at


Brad Bowlin
Communications Specialist