Revitalized Wood River Transmission Line Will Help Ensure Reliable Electrical Service for Idaho Power Customers

The northern half of the line rebuild was finished on-schedule in mid-November. The southern portion of the line was rebuilt in 2016.

BOISE, Idaho – Idaho Power recently completed work on the last phase of its King to Wood River 138-kilovolt (kV) transmission line rebuild. The power line upgrades provide improved reliability and capacity thanks to new steel structures and larger wire.

The 59-mile line runs from the King Substation in Hagerman to the Wood River Substation just north of Hailey. Since its construction in 1962, this line, which was built with wood H‐frame structures, has needed increasingly frequent maintenance and has been the target of the occasional range fire. Both are more than capable of disrupting service to the customers the line serves.

“This line is the older one of only two transmission lines that serve the Wood River Valley; the other is the Midpoint to Wood River 138-kV line,” said Engineering and Construction Project Manager Tom Barber. “That means if one loses power or needs to be turned off for a scheduled maintenance outage, the other would be the sole source to serve customers. In peak electric load conditions, the King to Wood River line could not handle serving all the customers in the Wood River valley by itself.

“Another benefit of the rebuild is that the new steel poles are not susceptible to fire, so there will be no need for our crews to cause ground and habitat disturbance rebuilding downed structures,” added Barber.

The King to Wood River project originated as part of the Wood River Electric Plan created by a local Community Advisory Committee in 2007.

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