Record Cold and Snow Impacting Customer Bills

BOISE, Idaho — Southern Idaho’s historic winter of 2016-2017, with record amounts of snow and cold temperatures, translates into higher electricity use for most Idaho Power customers.

“The company wants to make sure that customers facing high bills know they have options and we have ways to help them manage their future energy use,” said Mary Jo Flynn, Customer Service Leader. “We understand that some customers might be surprised by how much their electricity use went up in December. Customers can go to to make payment arrangements, if they are eligible.”

Customers are also encouraged to use the website’s myAccount feature to see how the temperature and weather impact energy use. They can compare energy use this year to last year or last month, as well as monitor daily use.

While Idaho Power can help customers control the amount of power they use, the utility can’t control the weather.

“When you look at the weather and energy usage data comparing last December to this December, a customer’s bill will represent a period 20 to 30 percent cooler than the same billing period as last year,” said Jordan Prassinos, Load Research and Forecasting Leader for Idaho Power.

Prassinos said that by keeping their home’s temperature the same, at 68 degrees, for example, a customer’s electricity usage will increase as the temperature drops outside.

“It’s an unseen and maybe unexpected incidence; a customer may keep his or her thermostat at 68, but when the temperature drops from 30 to zero outside, the furnace runs more often to keep that indoor temperature constant,” said Prassinos.

Other appliances may have to work harder as well, he said. If water heaters are in a cold garage, they turn on more often. Lights and electronics like TVs and game consoles may see more use during the holidays or snow days, when families or guests are at home.

About Idaho Power:
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Contact: Lynette Standley
Corporate Communications Manager
Idaho Power