Price Decreases Take Effect for Most Idaho Power Customers

For the second year in a row, many Idaho Power customers will benefit from a price decrease. The Idaho Public Utilities Commission approved Idaho Power’s four spring cost adjustments, resulting in an overall savings for Idaho residential and irrigation customers and most business customers starting June 1.

This year’s price changes include the annual Power Cost Adjustment and Fixed Cost Adjustment as well as an adjustment to recover costs related to the company’s planned exit from the North Valmy power plant and a downward adjustment to the Idaho Energy Efficiency Rider. In total, residential customers will see a slight decrease (0.65%) on their monthly bill, while large power (7.06%), large general service (5.55%) and irrigation customers (5.13%) will experience even larger decreases.

Overall, Idaho Power’s residential prices are about 20% lower than the national average, while business prices are about 30% lower. Learn more on Idaho Power’s website, which includes a national price comparison tool.

Jordan Rodriguez
Communications Specialist