Play it Safe on the Water this Memorial Day Weekend

Sunshine and warm temperatures are in the forecast this weekend. As you plan for outdoor recreation, Idaho Power reminds you to stay safe, especially if your favorite activities involve water.

When boating, fishing, swimming or rafting, keep a safe distance from dams and canals. If you are boating near Idaho Power facilities, observe posted signs and buoys, stay clear of spillways and listen for alarms. Conditions can change rapidly downstream of hydroelectric dams.

Wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket. Life jackets are available to borrow from kiosks near many of Idaho Power’s recreational facilities and boat launches.

If swimming is in your plans, check water conditions before jumping in. Even as temperatures warm, much of the water in our region is still high and cold. Only swim in designated areas.

Lastly, check and stay aware of weather conditions. Play it safe and get off the water if a storm rolls in. And if it’s hot out, protect yourself with sunscreen, long sleeves and plenty of fluids.

Watch a video on water safety. For more tips and information, visit

Jordan Rodriguez
Communications Specialist