Paperless Billing – More Power to Customers

Idaho Power offers paperless billing for customers who wish to opt out of receiving a paper bill through the mail. With paperless billing, customers receive a monthly email with a link to view their bill online each month. It’s free, easy and secure.

Once they sign up, customers may view detailed account information using a password-protected online account and decide how they prefer to pay their bill from among several options.

Signing up takes just a few minutes and saves a lot of time later. Customers need their Idaho Power account number, the amount of their last payment, and an email address to sign up. They will create user-name and password will also need to be created. With the e-bill notification, customers will still have access to an electronic version of the Connections newsletter and informative bill inserts.

“The emailed bill is secure, and convenient,” said Idaho Power Customer Care Manager Todd Schultz. “The only thing missing is the paper clutter.”

Sign up online via or over the phone with help from a customer service representative.

Jordan Rodriguez
Communication Specialist