New video: Idaho Humane Society Energy-saving Success Story

The Idaho Humane Society recently moved into a new home for its furry friends. The new shelter is equipped with the latest in energy-saving features to help keep all the adoptable pets and their human caretakers comfortable all year long.

With the help of Idaho Power’s energy efficiency programs, the new building offers a comfortable location to adopt out more dogs and cats than ever before. Energy-saving features include HVAC controls, LED lights and lighting controls, reflective roof coating and insulation, and efficient window glazing and thermochromic glass that tints the windows when needed, along with the use of natural light.

“Not only is this facility energy efficient, but all of our systems work so much better. The air handling is so much more precise, there’s no odor in this building, the sound is minimized, the lighting is terrific. It’s a very restful environment for our animals. So, we achieved not only savings in energy efficiency but also a lot more comfort,” said Dr. Jeff Rosenthal, CEO, Idaho Humane Society.

Watch this short video to see how the Idaho Humane Society and Idaho Power worked together to save energy and money. For more information on energy-saving programs for businesses, visit

Erica Shiflet
Communications Leader