March Newsletter Focuses on Environmental Stewardship

The Snake River brings southern Idaho to life, driving commerce, agriculture, tourism and recreation. The river also fuels reliable, affordable, clean energy as it flows through the hydropower projects that provide nearly half of Idaho Power’s energy. In the March issue of Idaho Power’s Connections newsletter, readers learn how the company and other stakeholders work to improve water quality in the Snake River.

This month’s Connections also features the beginning of steelhead migration from Idaho Power’s Niagara Springs hatchery to the Pacific Ocean. Another story shows how an innovative engineering solution helps Idaho Power combat bird droppings to maintain power quality and reliability.

Environmental stewardship is an important part of Idaho Power’s operations. Learn more about the company’s stewardship of the Snake River at

Connections is delivered to Idaho Power customers who receive a paper bill. Others can read it online at

Jordan Rodriguez
Communications Specialist