Lamb Weston Plant in American Falls Earns Energy Efficiency Incentive

The Lamb Weston Potato Processing Plant in American Falls recently received a $181,008 incentive from Idaho Power’s Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Custom Projects program. The incentive reflects the more than 1,000 megawatt-hours Lamb Weston has saved through two energy efficiency projects, which is enough to power 88 average-sized homes in Idaho Power’s service area for a year. 

The plant replaced four compressors in its aging compressed air system with two high-efficiency, 350-horsepower units — one with load/unload control and the other with variable-speed control. They also installed a new control system to sequence the compressors for increased efficiency.  

“Lamb Weston has always been a local leader in energy efficiency, as well as a great community partner,” said Regional Customer Relations Manager Dave Spillett. “We’re happy to help them find more ways to save energy and make their operations more efficient.” 

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Melissa Thom
Marketing Specialist