Jerome Wastewater Treatment Plant Earns Idaho Power Energy Efficiency Incentive

Idaho Power recently recognized the City of Jerome for its commitment to energy efficiency. Upgrades to the city’s wastewater treatment plant earned the city more than $931,400 in incentives from Idaho Power.

The city’s efforts started in 2014 when it joined Idaho Power’s wastewater energy efficiency cohort. The goal of the cohort was to bring together city employees to reduce energy use through a series of innovative workshops using no- and low-cost energy-saving techniques and organizational strategies. The city incorporated several behavioral changes to make its operations as efficient as possible before embarking on the plant upgrades.

The recently completed upgrade of the existing wastewater treatment plant includes new clarifiers, a new aeration basin, and new anaerobic digesters, which require much less energy. The city also installed energy-efficient turbo blowers with controls, LED lighting and efficient HVAC units.

The energy efficiency measures will save the plant more than 5,193,000 kilowatt-hours per year. “These incentives show the City of Jerome is thinking green,” said Wastewater Superintendent Gilbert Sanchez. “We want to be efficient in our use of power, and these efforts translate into enough power saved yearly to provide power to 455 homes.”

In addition to the energy savings, the city looks forward to the environmental benefits of their improved water-treatment process.

“The City of Jerome has a legal and moral obligation to return the best water possible back to the J8 Canal and ultimately to the Snake River,” said Sanchez. “We want to be the best and most responsible stewards in protecting the downstream users and our natural resources.”

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Erica Shiflet
Communications Leader